Natural flooring comes in a wide range of products, styles and textures made from a varity of natural fibres and can enhance most areas of any property from a rustic cottage to contemporary modern home and is also suitable for some commercial installations.

We have a broad and extensive knowledge in the suitability and installation of natural flooring and can advise you on the best products to suit your home or interior, whether its a fully fitted seagrass dining room, a bespoke sisal rug or stair runner.

Here at Town and Country Flooring we have worked with natural fibres for many years and install them to a extremely high standard, we have worked closely with interior design companies and architects  alike from the smallest stairs and landing to major refurbishment projects



Natural flooring types

Coir comes from Indian coconut husk and fibres which have been softened in sea water, Coir is available in 3 different designs, Panama, Herringbone and Bouclé and comes in 2 different colours, natural and bleached.

Sisal is a natural plant material which comes from the Mexican Agave plant, Agrave Sisalana. It is cultivated for its large flesh leaves which yield a stiff fibre used for making flooring. The fibre is long, smooth and durable, it doesn’t trap dust so light vacuum is all that is needed. Sisal comes in many different weaves and is available in a wide range of colours. Sisal is the toughest of all natural fibre floorings so is ideal for areas of heavy use such as halls, stairs and landings.

Jute is a yarn which comes from the stalks of the Giant Corchorous plants and are grown in Southern India. The fibres are fine and this makes Jute very soft and more suitable for bedrooms areas and is recommended for light domestic use. Jute is a naturally light brown colour and is available in a Bouclé and Herringbone weave.

Seagrass is grown in China and Vietnam in coastal meadows on banks of rivers. The crops are flooded by sea water during the growing cycle. The colour depends on the time of harvest and can be from a yellow green to a dark green, it then changes colour as it matures. Seagrass is available in various weaves from natural, Herringbone and Basket weave and all are available in Fine weave as well.

See some examples of our work in the gallery.


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